Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chapter 9 - Fit in February

My scales showed a measily minus of one hundred grammes this week.  Not a good wake up welcome on the first day of February. Let´s think optimistically - at least one hundred down is better than up or nothing at all.  Week 4 maybe wasn´t as easy as I thought. Perhaps I fell into euphoria and kidded myself that everything was working so well that I didn’t think it mattered that I didn´t drink enough on some days, or that I ate 9 points worth of chocolate one day, even though I was still within my points allowance. Fooling ones self that everything is going hunkydory obviously doesn´t work. 

I felt really grumpy today. I needed some new motivation so - new month - new luck. My new motto is getting fit in February. I really do need to kick my bum a bit more and do more exercise.
After my first zumba class last week, I will be going again this Thursday. I´ve ordered some DVD´s to groove around the living room at home and I´m eagerly awaiting the parcel. 

Tonight I took part in a power walking course, which will take place every Tuesday. A personal trainer guided us around the city park and I liked it a lot. I must admit checking out the participants at the beginning and worrying whether I was going to be the fattest. Luckily I wasn´t.  Apart from fact that it was freezing cold and my sports jacket has now shrunk and become very tight since I wore it last,  it was great and I felt much better afterwards. Thanks to Steffi, who found the newspaper article about this course. It´s much better having a fixed time and appointment. I would NEVER have ventured out into the cold on my own. 

I´ve checked out the times of the swimming baths and might try an aqua fitness course at the weekend. My clothes horse has once again found its previous life of an elliptical trainer, waiting for me to step on and watch tv or read my trash mags. I just need to DO IT! and stop finding excuses. 

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  1. Atta girl! I keep thinking about joing a zumba class - any good? Also, I really rate aqua fit stuff. Definately give it a try x