Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chapter 8 - Cake Mathematics

Today is a bitter cold but sunny Sunday. I already went for a long walk,  did the housework, a huge heap of ironing and even baked a cake.  A cake for guests, which unfortunately can´t make it over anymore.  So now we have cake (or now precisely remainders of cake) looming in the kitchen.

After returning from a walk around the block to the postbox I returned to a house smelling like the magical witches house from Hansel and Gretel. My house smells of chocolate chip vanilla cake, making it almost impossible to cut it out of my mind.
In an attempt to get to grips with the cake I decided to get out my icing writing tube and divide the cake into 2 portions. One tiny corner equalling 1/9 of the cake for me and the other 8/9 for DH – or anyone else who cares to drop by today…….

After enjoying my tiny piece of cake with a coffee, I worked out the points, expecting it to be around 6 or so…….but noooooooooo…..this tiny piece of cake had 10 – yes TEN –points. The whole cake has 90 points. That’s around 3 days worth of food.
I need to stay away from the cake. I´m sure I can do it! With a little bit of luck, my workmates might find cake on their desk tomorrow.


  1. I am really sorry we had to cancel Shelley and sorry for leaving you with a big piece of temptation around the house.

  2. hey no problem!! Already spoke to L about it. I guess this is my big temptation test!! Next time I´ll make fruit salad :-)