Monday, February 7, 2011

Chapter 11 - Chocolate Santa gets murdered

It was just another manic Monday. The day didn´t begin well at all.  I overslept a little and was finally half way to work, when I realised I´d left my laptop at home........a quick detour back home and then rushed to my meeting. The day progressed into a mean Monday with anything that could go wrong, indeed going wrong. I gave up at seven thirty and headed home, frustrated. It was then, after eating some of last nights vegetable leftovers that I saw him on the shelf. 
Santa Claus with his colourful foil wrapping, his ribbon and the jingly bell,it was almost as if it was ringing for my attention. Without hesitation, he was in my hand and undressed, his head smashed on the kitchen table and bit by bit, he was gobbled up, except for his feet. Dark chocolate Santa  - you were the victim of my frustration this evening. Sorry. 

I´m feeling sorry for myself now. Not for Santa. Not only do I feel sick after eating Santa right down to his knees, I´m disappointed with myself for giving in and being so weak.  I´m off to bed now to sleep off my chocolate fix. Hopefully I won´t feel so sick tomorrow. 
Good thing is - all the Christmas chocolates are now gone. But its only 75 days until Easter Sunday when the chocolate bunny bells might start jingling in my direction. Until then I have to work on my willpower and ways of dealing with manic Mondays. Chocolate is not the answer!  Sweet dreams! 

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