Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chapter 18 - Holiday Miracles

Miracles sometimes happen:

1) I am back from two weeks all-inclusive and didn´t put on any weight.
2) I am not hungry
3) I am back writing on my blog

Under normal circumstances I would return from an all-inclusive Caribbean holiday gaining more weight than my baggage allowance. The last two weeks in the Dominican Republic were unusually very weight friendly. I spent the first week wondering if I had misinterpreted “all you can eat” for “all you can shiteat”. I got plenty of sport running to the toilet with Eat & Run syndrome. This was topped off with my British genes yearning for a suntan too soon and experiencing a bit of sunstroke. It´s not a nice feeling when its 35 degrees and you´re lying freezing wrapped in blankets. I had a liquid diet of tea and water for a couple of days, which obviously helped the days to follow, where I tucked into the meat, mojitos and melon – oh and more meat. Some photos are at the bottom of this post.

Now I´ll go back to miracle number two. I am not feeling hungry and blame this on my jetlag. Jetlag has not only messed with my bodyclock, leaving me wide awake until 5am this morning, but – as always – it makes me feel sick and takes away my appetite. I guess that’s why all the supermodels are so thin – flying New York–Paris-Sydney-Milan and not feeling hungry.
Now before I shout “”Eureka”” thinking jetlag could become a new trend diet I have to think practical. Neither my bank balance, job, or holiday allowance allow this to be a permanent diet solution. However – my next flight is already on the agenda – Friday night to London. But the meagre one hour time difference and the smell of a Fish & Chip supper upon arrival seem more lucrative than any jetlag trip around the world diet. 

I´m back and I´m brown. Well brownish – or rather sunkissed. Early last week I could have been mistaken for Neopolitan ice cream with my skin resembling the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla colours.
My friend Vic always told me told me her mum used to tell her people always look better with a suntan – just like lamb chops always look much better when cooked and brown. Well I am cooked and brown but still look fat. But I feel better. That’s all that counts for now.
The Good
Fruit and Salads

The Bad
Meat feasts and chocolate dessert

The Ugly
Fried Ice Cream and Bingo Wings drinks CocoLoco