Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chapter 17 - Missing in Dissatisfaction

Those of you visiting regularly will have noticed I´ve been missing for a good few weeks. Okay, I confess - I´ve been hiding offline behind baggy shirts. 
After my tummy bug I was rather euphoric that I had lost a few kilos, but I slipped back into some old tricks, fooling myself that I should be happy that food stays down in my tummy. I suppose I interpreted being well again as an "All you can eat" ticket. Early April I was away for a few days with work and counting points had suddenly jumped to the back of my mind again. The hot April weather also marked the start of our ice cream season  - all lovely excuses to avoid weight watching. 

I was avoiding the scales. Until we spent the weekend before Easter in Vienna.  During a city walk a pair of golden scales beckoned me to jump on. 20 Seconds and 20 cents later I was feeling a bit guilty and disappointed with myself again. Rather than moping around the whole weekend I decided to enjoy the weekend and start again when I was back in Cologne. Three more days weren´t going to make a difference........or were they?
Vienna is a beautiful city which is accompanied by beautiful food. The whole cafe culture beckoned us to enjoy Melange coffees, delicious pastries, apple strudel and mouthwatering gateaus. The beergarden was perfect accompanied by sunny skies and Schnitzel. Tasting the local wine and enjoying Vienese cuisine in a laid back Austrian atmosphere was wonderful. 

I was hit by another tummy bug after returning from Vienna, but was fit enough to murder a chocolate bunny and eat some chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday.  Now - post Easter I am back to being good - at least until the next obstacle arrives - or I come across some very large golden scales.