Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chapter 12 - This little piggy went to market......

... remember the nursery rhyme? It was one of my favourites as a baby and involved lots of tickles to make me smile. Perhaps thats where my fascination for food markets began.

Anyone who drops by will notice my kitchen is literally full of fruit and vegetables at the moment. Even more so after our weekly shop and trip to the vegetable market yesterday. I love the buzz of markets. It takes me back to my childhood in the summer holidays where I spent Tuesdays with one Grandma, going to the local shops and visiting the local market, then Wednesday with my other Grandma in her town also at a bustling fruit and veg market. I remember getting juicy cherries and fresh furry peaches. There were other things too. I remember getting excited about getting jumping beans which jumped around on my hand, new ribbons for my hair or a baby doll which wet its pants.

Even whilst on holiday abroad, I drag DH along to the local markets to experience the hustle and bustle and admire the beautiful presentations of vegetables. I suppose he should think himself lucky that my shopping problem spreads into all areas and doesn´t just stop at shoes, clothes, jewellery, scarves, cups and scented candles – but also for fruit and veg, or maybe just food shopping in general.  Perhaps it’s the marketing side of me which likes to admire Point of Sale presentations and see what brands and new products are instore, or in market terms see whats outside on the counter or in boxes. Or is it really my shopaholic side?  Maybe the whole "have to find a bargain" attitude? Whatever it is, I feel better about the whole fruit and veg market experience. Maybe my photos from around the world let you know why. It´s somewhere where retail therapy has a different meaning and fortunately  - usually healthy (if you ignore a few things from the British markets).

UK & Ireland

Greece, Thessaloniki

Cape Verde Islands


Switzerland, Carouge, Geneva

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