Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chapter 7 - Surviving Sweden

At least once a month we have an obligatory trip to Sweden. Now when I say Sweden – I unfortunately don´t mean the beautiful country but the mega large furniture store where I regularly stock up on candles, vases, cushions and usually eat a big fat portion of Swedish Meatballs and fries -  IKEA.

After spending the morning in Bonn and buying half a market stall of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as stocking up on bagels at Bagel Brothers (before discovering they have 7+ points a piece!), we decided to drop into to IKEA on the way home for a mooch around and have a spot of lunch.

Instead of ordering said meatballs I went for the healthy option of couscous with vegetables and a dollop of sour cream on the side. DH had the meatballs. And Fries. I had to pinch one -  just one wee chip. Nothing to shout home about. My veggie dish was much more colourful and inviting than the greasy yellow sticks of potato on DH´s plate.
I survived the Meatball-trap and the Swedish-chocolate-almond-cake-trap, the hot-dog-trap and today even the candle and serviette traps. Not a cent was spent on unnecessary knick-knacks. Something has obviously come over me……….

Pics show my veggie haul from the market, IKEA lunch, my evening meal of salad, a bagel and freshly pressed fruit juice. Smaklig måltid!

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  1. Well done Shelley!!! No fries and not spending even a cent at IKEA!!!! Chapeau!!!! Tanja