Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chapter 15 - The Party is over

Enough is enough.  I´ve been “Absent without Leave” around here for a couple of weeks, busy with work, travelling and too busy living the good life to think about dieting. The last six days have been the highlight of living in Cologne – it was the annual carnival celebrations. This involves partying non-stop, dressing up in fancy dress and having a great deal of fun and an awful lot of alcohol.

I haven´t dared to step on the scales yet. I don´t want to see the damage 100+ Kölsch (the local beer) has done to me in the past few days.  I didn´t count the drinks or points – but I´m sure the quantity is correct. Tomorrow I will start again – the beginning of lent marks another new start in my Auf Wiedersehen Fat journey.
Goodbye beer. Goodbye breakfast bubbly. Goodbye bratwurst. Hello smaller costumes next year. 

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