Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chapter 16 - -2.5 Kilos in a day

It sounds like the most unbelievable diet ever. But believe me,  I would prefer to run a marathon or eat nothing but lettuce for a month to get the same result. 
On Tuesday morning around 3am I was hit by the dreaded upstairs-downstairs virus and became a permanent resident of the bathroom.

The very same virus had knocked my DH for six on Sunday. He´d been up all night cuddling the white porcelain and had nothing left inside that he ended up almost unconscious and I had to call an ambulance. Not knowing what had gone on all night, he was just lying there, cramped up in the hallway. It looked like a stroke or something. So after the big fright, the drama of an ambulance, a helicopter with emergency doctor and police at our door, a few hours in hospital on a drip he was halfway back to normal and looking less green.
Forty hours later I was looking very green, or maybe white is a better description.  I guess that’s true love. You share everything with each other.

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The scales really showed that I lost 2.5 kilos in a day, despite drinking loads of water and tea. In the past 24 hours I´ve managed some Brandt melba toasts, a dry bread roll, some potato mash and today – a whole slice of toast.
Dieting is far away in my mind. I hate being ill. I hate missing work, even more so because there is a special gathering today with a party. And everyone knows how much I like partying.  Roll on better days….. at least my green face is a tribute to St. Patricks Day today. 

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